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Airlines and flights

Turkish Airlines and Somon Air fly from European airports to Dushanbe. Tajik Air have frequent flights to international and domestic locations: Europe, China, Middle East, Russia, Eastern and South-western Asia. Turkish Airlines fly twice a week to Dushanbe from Istanbul.

Somon Air offers flights from Dubai twice a week, from Frankfurt once a week and also offers a weekly flight from Moscow. Tajik Air offer regular domestic flights and also from Moscow, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, UAE (Dubai) and China (Urumchi) to Khujand.

Turkish Airlines –

Somon Air -

Dushanbe is linked with regular flights with most of the biggest airports of Russia. The Tajik Air company makes daily flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg, S7 flies from Novosibirsk, Omsk, Perm and Chelyabinsk.

All the following Russian and Tajik air companies have flights to and from Tajikistan:

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"Tajik Air"
·   Official  website of the  "Tajik Air" company >>>


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"Domodedov Airlines"
·   Official website of the Domodedov airlines air company "Domodedov Airlines" >>>


East Air


"East Air"
·  Detail information about the air company  "East Air" >>>


Kras Air


"Kras Air"
·   Official website of the air company  "Kras Air" >>>


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"Russian Airlines"
·  Official website of the air company  "Russian Airlines" >>>


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"Samara Airlines"
·  Official website of the company  "Samara Airlines" >>>


Somon Air


"Somon Air"
·   Official  website of the air company "Somon Air" >>>


VIM Airlines ? ??Š???????’?


"VIM Airlines"
·  Official website of the air company  "VIM Airlines" >>>

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