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LLC «Ajam Tour »

Located in Dushanbe, the company offers various tours in different directions in Tajikistan, from north to south and from east to west. For those who want to get extreme feelings the company prepared special tours: mountaineering, rock climbing, and tours through mountain rivers. Tours can be organized at any time of a season and they are appropriate for all kinds of tourists (women, men, couples, elderly people, youth, children, scientists, historians, students and so on).
Company’s services: booking hotel, renting cottage, registration of invitations and translation of documents. «Ajam Tour » offers different tours to the sites of the Great Silk Road.

The company has started to translate texts from seven languages (English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Tajik, Persian and Dari) on different themes.

Jeep tours to the Pamirs 13 days / 12 days

Discover the Pamirs
This tour evolves the most interesting places: arid plateaus of the high Pamirs, meetings hospitable inhabitants of the summer pastures and remote villages, studying different geographic landscapes and sceneries and enjoying local music. Tour services are provided by guides who fluently speak English and other languages. Maximum number of people in a group is 12 people.

Asadbek Shikorbekov
734043, Republic of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, S. Sherozi Ave., 6,
Tel.: (+992) 48 700 69 07, (93) 534 35 53

Association of Guides

The association of guides was established in 2008 by the first graduates of «Tour operator of mountainous tourism» programme of the University of Central Asia under the financial support of the Mountain Societies Development Support Programme (MSDSP). The association provides services of guides and guides – mountaineers to all the interested persons and tourists visiting GBAO and professional mountaineers through the Pamirs mountain chain.

736000, Republic of Tajiksitan, GBAO, Khorog, 10 E.Davronov Street
Mob.:( +992) 442 55 55

Association of drivers

The association of drivers was established at the general meeting of all the members of the Pamir Eco-Cultural Tourism Association and it works in compliance with PECTA’s requirements and is a public commercial organization that provides services on passengers’ transportation for all tourists that visit GBAO. The association has its own office equipped with all the necessary office technology for connecting to Internet, car park, four-wheel drive vehicles of different brands such as «Toyota Land Cruiser», UAZ, «Toyota» minibus, «Niva Chevrolet» and «Mitsubisi Pajero».

Drivers’ Association

736000, Republic of Tajikistan, GBAO, Khorog, 31 Ayni Street
Tel.: +992 (3522) 3237
Mob.: +992 (91) 926-19-31
Chairman of the association
Yusuf Bakhtaliev

The tourist company «Mountain tours and advantures» was established as a result of uniting the companies «Pamir Adventure» and «Azimuth Travel». Our work is directed at organization of different tours around Tajikistan and Central Asian countries. Our employees have big experience by working in the field of tourism over the last years. Each of us has different educational backgrounds and professions but we a united by our love for travelling and adventures which has become our calling. Services provided: tours, visa support and permissions jeep tours, invitation letters, combined tours, GBAO permission, walking tours, reservations, tours to sacred sites, pick-up and drop-off at the airport and photo-tours.

Mountain Adventure Travel Tajikistan (MATT)
736000, Republic of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, 46 Shevchenko Street, flat 58
Tel.: +992 (37) 221-18-12
Tel/fax.:+992 (37) 227-23-84
E-mail: , ,

Pamir Gates

Now you can see the virgin nature of the Pamirs with the help of the LLC “Darwozayi Pomir” . Services: tours, visa support and permissions, invitation letter, combined tours, GBAO permission, hotel reservations, pick-up and drop-off at the airport.

Pamir Gates
736000, Republic of Tajikistan, GBAO,
Mob.: +992 (93)5060267

Pamir Silk Tour

The tourist company «Pamir silk tour» is engaged with providing tourism services in Tajikistan since 1997. PST is one of the biggest tourism operators in the Pamirs which organizes tours around the Pamirs, Tajikistan and the Central Asia. PST has developed more than 30 itineraries on high mountain tour programmes, jeep tours, cycling tours, jeep tours, rafting, photo tours and also educational and entertaining tourism. The company organizes different interesting tours across Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and China considering requirements of tours operators and individual tourists.

Services: tours, visa support and permissions (including GBAO), jeep-tours, registration of documents and other formalities, trekking, booking tickets, combined tours, hotel reservation, echo-tours, transfer, ethnographic tours, organizing meetings and conferences, cycling tours, consulting service and trekking, riding camels, logistics and helicopter tourism.

Pamir Silk Tour
736000, Republic of Tajikistan, GBAO, Khorog, 1, Azizbek Street
Tel.: +992 (3522) 2-22-99, 2-22-77
Mob.: +992 (93) 505-23-61
Shagarf Sherzod Mullo-Abdol


The tourist company «Sarez» was established in 1991 during the Soviet time with the purpose to promote tourism (increase interest to tourism industry) in the regions of the Gorno Badakhshan. From 1992 to 2000 despite the political instability in the republic the company was functioning but it had to shift from tourist activities to agricultural. From 2000 the company started to restart its activity, concluding new partnership contracts for promoting tourism in the region. The tourist company “Sarez” organizes interesting tours to the lake Sarez, glacier Fedchenko and other unique places of GBAO.

Services: tours, visa support and permissions (including GBAO), tours to Lake Sarez, registration of documents and other formalities, tours to the lake Yashikul, hotel reservation, tours to Lake Bulunkul.

Sarez Ltd

736000, Republic of Tajikistan, GBAO, Khorog
Mob.: +992 (93) 500-41-50

Tour De Pamir

Highland landscapes and clean lakes, rich flora and fresh mountain air, glaciers and sun will lift your mood, charging you with cheerfulness and good mood. Tour De Pamir will ensure you get good impressions.

Services: tours, visa support and permissions (including GBAO permission), jeep tours, registration of documents and other formalities, trekking, hotel reservation, combined tours, eco-tours, transfer, ethnographic tours, pick-up and drop-off at the airport.

Tour De Pamir.

736000, Republic of Tajikistan, GBAO, Khorog, 77 Lenin Street
Tel.: +992 (3522) 66-61
Mob.: +992 (93) 500 75 57

Ergash Faizullobekov


Since 2006 LLC «Zurmich» is specializing on tours and mountain tours, including the most striking in Central Asia – Fan Mountains. You can visit mountainous villages and rural communities, and stay overnight in local houses or tents. Tours organized by «Zurmich» are accompanied by professional guides who speak French, German and English languages; tours are available from May to October; number of people in a group 2 to 15; luggage will be carried by pack donkeys.

«Zurmich» fosters ecological education, and conservation of cultural heritage and nature. In addition to tours the company offers short tours and trips across Tajikistan including to the Pamirs: trips though canyons and high mountain passes along the Tajik-Afghan border. Tours include acquaintance with local traditions and customs, visit to museums, cultural monuments and ancient sites.

All tours are arranged considering your requirements and can be united and adapted to any emerged situation. All tours include accommodation in houses or tents, services of experienced mountain guides, cooks and mule for carrying luggage. As a rule passage longs 5-7 hours per day.

«Zurmich» has its own minibus (for driving in mountains). Beside this you will be proposed four-wheel vehicles like «Mitsubissi», «Chevrolet», and «Toyota» with a skillful driver who has 10 year experience in driving in mountain roads

«Zurmich» also has home stays in Penjikent which can accommodate up to 12 people. You can book rooms in tourist hotels in Dushanbe, Khujand and Khorog through us. Moreover, we can organize your accommodation in home stays or in traditional houses throughout Tajikistan.

Tajikistan, Penjikent, 24, Bakoi Street, 735500
Tel.: (+992) 92 759 91 23, (+992) 3475 5 45 43
Fax: (+992) 3475 5 45 43

Nizomov Nasriddin

Pamirs Tourism Adventure, Ltd.

Pamirs Tourism Adventure – is a tour operator that works in GBAO. This mountainous area has 8 long itineraries via amazing wildlife with the view of mountains that reach the sky: summits of Karl Marx, Engels and mountain ranges of Hindukush, and peak Mustag-Ata in Pakistan and China. The company is specializing in providing different tourist services such as transportation, food, accommodation, and home stays along the road, mountain tours, riding and guides, who speak English and German languages. Moreover, our tour operators will provide visa support and obtain permission for GBAO.

Our advantage is in our presence in all destinations which allows us to support our clients on-sites. The company supports all kinds of tourists, depending on their interests and requirements. It provides all services starting from May to October, as this is the best time for visiting this mountainous region.

 Jeep tours
Jeep tours on the Pamir highway or along the Vakhan corridor, visiting historical places and staying with rural families is the choice which most of the tourists visiting the Pamirs for the first time chose. Jeep tours can be combined with walking tours and sightseeing.

Tours & Trekking
We organize simple one-day tours or days-long adventurous tours in accordance with the clients’ preferences: wide and green Vanj valley or less populated Yazgulam, glacier Fedchenko which can be ascended from the top from both sides of the valleys and Bartang valley which offers the most diverse landscapes in the Pamirs.

736 000, Tajikistan, Khorog
Tel.: +992 93 500 99 47, +992 91 948 99 47

Durakhshi Sughd

Tourist company «Durakhshi Sughd» offers a wide range of services such as a tour to the Fan Mountains and the Pamirs, guides services – translators, rent of vehicle, active recreation and picnics in the valleys of Shing and Varzob, tours around the Pamirs, hunting by lakes and rivers and support in obtaining visa.

«Durakhshi Sughd» works in all areas of tourism in Tajikistan. The company offers its services to those who is looking for active recreation and adventurous tours, organizes traditional tours: sightseeing, rafting, ascending to the peaks of the Fan mountains and the Pamirs, cycling tours, mountaineering, rock climbing, studying caves and tours on horses along the Great Silk Road.

"Durakhshi Sughd" ensures best servicing of tourists: arrival and departure, accommodation in hotels, booking air tickets and train tickets, sightseeing programme for each city, guides services, instructors, translators speaking English, German, and French languages. The company also provides you with all the necessary equipment for special tours, transportation on a bus, minibus and cars.

Tajikistan, Dushanbe, 14/18 Sheralizoda (former Fedina), Soghd region, Penjikent 735500
Tel.: (+ 992) 23475) 5 45 09, (+ 992) 93 409 46 45
Fax: (+992 23475) 5 45 09

LLC «Orient Adventure»

«Orient Adventure» (Eastern Adventure) offers highest standards of services. Accommodation is in comfortable hotels, rural houses, mountain camps or in tents. Fresh local dishes will be made considering your tastes. The company organizes residence for tourists, provides guides’ services in cities, provides skillful mountain instructors and guides – translators, organizes visa support in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan; offers tours, and horse riding, rock climbing and transportation services around Tajikistan.

The most famous itinerary among tourists and mountaineers is to the Fan mountains. Fan mountains are located between Gissar and Zerafshan ridges from Kishtutdaryo and Fondaryo. It also offers itinerary to the Pamirs, visits to the hot spring of Bibi Fatima, mausoleum and reconstructed house of Sufi Muborakqadam, visit to the stone which was used as a solar clock 700 years ago, sightseeing in Zhamgu and etc.

«Orient Adventure» releases cars, can help in journey and pick-up in Dushanbe International Airport and in all the entry destinations of Dushanbe. The company can arrange your stay in comfortable tourist hotels, home stays, rural houses and camps according to standards.


Hamrokulov Olimkul
Tajikistan, Soghd Region, Penjikent, 38 Boborajabov Street, 735500
Tel.: (8 992) 92 721 37 70, (8 992) (8 9923475) 5 58 17

LLC «Pamir Travel»

The tourist agency “Pamir Travel" started its work in 1992 and has been popular since then as one of the best tour operator in Central Asia. "Pamir Travel" offers tours in the entire territory of the Central Asia and along the Great Silk Road. Visit ancient and historical cities and places with our company: Penjikent, Khujand, Istaravshan, Isfara, Gissar, Kabadiyan, Pamirs, Vakhan, Vrang and Zong. The routes pass through dried out on the sun desserts, high snowcapped peaks – this is all the beautiful country of Tajikistan.

The "Pamir Travel" organizes different interesting tours around Tajikistan and Central Asia. The company is expert in the sphere of tourism; it will offer you transportation from one destination to another, visa support, arranging air tickets, reservation, sightseeing, walking tours, horse and camel riding, expeditions, mountaineering, jeep tours, adventures, active recreation, tour to historical and cultural places. Experienced local guides will help to fill your travel with brilliant impressions.

All tours to the mountainous areas are available from May to October. Other tours can be planned during the year. Tours are prepared individually, based on your requirements. Below are some examples of our most popular tours which can be combined or adjusted if necessary.

The «Pamir Travel» has it home stays in Penjikent where 14 people can be accommodated. Moreover through our reliable partners we offer to accommodate you in comfortable hotels in cities and Dushanbe, Khujand and Khorog. We can organize accommodation in all destinations in Tajikistan. You will be offered a wide range of hotels and services that can be relevant to your budget and your requirements.
Cycling tours in the Fan Mountains (14 days/15 nights)
Unique cycling tours in the most striking places of Central Asia. Mainly via roads covered with asphalt with rare transportation. You will visit two countries and will learn about the ancient culture of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Professional guides will tell you about local flora and fauna, and wonderful sightseeing. Number of people in each group is from 2 to 20. Accommodation is arranged in hotels, houses and tents.

Roads in Soghd: jeep tours from 3 to 4 days
The tour will start from Jartepa in Uzbekistan. You entry Tajikistan where your will be received by the guides from the «Pamir Travel». Short tour includes visiting the most ancient settlements in Tajikistan: the birthplace of civilization in Central Asia. The tour will also include visits to Penjikent and Khujand. Then you can return to Samarkand or go to Dushanbe. The size of a group is between 1 and 25 people. Accommodation is arranged in hotels, and local home stays.

Glacier Chukurak and Chimtarga pass 15 days/14 nights
This tour offers a trip of medium complexity to the peaks of the Fan mountains. This is one of the spectacular and exciting tours in Central Asia. Nights are spent in tents and local houses. The tour includes visit to the lake Iskanderkul and will end in the ancient city of Samarkand, further to Tashkent. Number of people in a group is between 1 and 5.

The Pamirs highway 9 days/8 nights
The tour starts with a striking flight through (not over!) mountains from Dushanbe to Khorog, the capital of the Gorno Badakhshan autonomous oblast. From Khorog you will drive on the Pamirs highway, via Ak-Baital pass (at the altitude of 4650 m, one of the highest road sites in the world). The most beautiful view will reveal to your sight. This tour follows the route from Khorog to Murghab, which once was the Shugnan branch of the ancient Silk Road. Accommodation is arranged in traditional Pamiri families.
Number of people in a group is between 1 and 25 persons.

One day tour (trekking) –with a picnic
The “Pamir Travel” offers entertaining tour in the mountains and along the banks of lakes, including picnics in picturesque places. These tours are ideal separately or in combination with cultural-historical tours. One day tours are possible in Penjikent, Dushanbe, Khujand and the Pamirs. Also tours are possible to the Seven lakes, Iskanderkul, Varzob gorge, Gissar and Guzgarf waterfall and hot springs. Number of people in a group varies between 1and 20 persons.

Seven lakes: short tour 4 days /4 nights

Upon arrival from Samarkand to Penjikent, while you choose tour itinerary on the fresh air of the famous Fan Mountains, you will visit ancient monuments and museums in Penjikent. The camp is by the lake Kulikalon, where you can stay and swim. A tour is arranged to the lakes Mutniy and Alouddin. Stay overnight in the mountain camp Artuch. Number of people per group is from 2 to 20 persons.

Hasanov Sadullo
735500, Penjikent, Tajikistan
Tel.: (8 992 37) 224 09 06, (8 992) 771 86 46

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