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Zerafshan Tourism Board -

The Zerafshan Tourist Board ZTB, is the association representing Tour Operators and Tourism Service Providers (including community based providers) in Zerafshan. ZTB is based in Penjikent, close to the ancient sites of Ancient Penjikent and Sarazm. Penjikent is just 30 Km from the border with Uzbekistan close to Samarkand.

Our members offer services for Trekking, Climbing, Tours, Excursions, Accommodation, Homestays, Camping, visits to Legendary Historical Towns along the Silk Road, Cultural Visits, Local Crafts, Ancient Cultural Sites, Transport, Transfers, Translators, Professional Local Guides, Equipment Hire, Visa & Permit services.
The ZTB also operates a Tourist Information Centre located on the main road of Penjikent leading towards the Uzbek border. The Centre offers advise and information for your travel planning in the Zerafshan Valley and beyond.

In Tajikistan, the country of High Mountains and Warm Hearts, there can be no warmer welcome than from the Communities of the Zerafshan Valley, where we look forward to welcoming you soon.

The Zerafshan Tourism Development Association (ZTDA) -
The Zerafshan Tourism Development Association (ZTDA) is a young public community based organisation created in March 2008 under the project “Community Based Tourism in the Zerafshan Valley”.
ZTDA aims to develop sustainable tourism in the region, adapted to local society, culture and the fragile environment. 

Today, ZTDA represents the interests of its members who provide tourist services ranging from accommodation in traditional home stays to transportation and mountain guides. 

In August 2008 ZTDA received from the Committee on Tourism, Sport and Youth of Tajikistan a licence for implementing tourism activities. Since then, ZTDA has been organising sustainable tourism in the Zerafshan Valley involving the local service providers in elaboration of the tour programs as well as in tour organisation.

As ZTDA is promoting community-based tourism and eco-tourism in particular, it pays particular attention to the ecological aspects by creating relevant tour packages and capacity building activities – we have also initiated ecological actions at the community level.

The usual ZTDA tour is a combination of walking/hiking/trekking in the natural environment, combined with exploration of local culture and traditions. All the services included in the tour package are delivered by local services providers in an environmentally friendly way.

In conducting the tour, guides, drivers and other service providers pay attention to the ecology. ZTDA also provide tourists with some ecological, cultural and social tips for their travel, enabling them not only to find easily a common language with local people, but also to help to conserve the natural environment and local cultural heritage.

Pamirs Eco-Cultural Tourism Association (PECTA) –
PECTA represents the tourism service providers of the Pamirs and was established in 2008. PCTA operates an Information Centre in Khorog which provides information to tourists through telephone, e-mail, printed output regarding all existing services within the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO) the official name for the Pamirs. It has information about hotels, guest houses, private houses, and prices of each type of service, conditions of accommodation, geographic location, climate conditions, names of the owners and living conditions, as well as information on the services of the guides’ association, drivers’ association, types of vehicles and their prices.

Also, the Tourist Information Centre provides services on supplying tourist equipment, such as bicycles, mountaineer clothes, mountaineer boots, as well as professional mountaineering equipment to the extreme types of tourism on rent basis to its members and to individual tourists, visiting Pamirs.
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