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The Winners of competition "On the best souvenir production for tourists of 2012" are announced.


The Winners of competition "On the best souvenir production for tourists of 2012" are announced.

The  Committee of youth affairs, sports and tourism under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan informs that 21.12.2012  at 3.00 pm  in the Committee’s conference hall was held the ceremony of rewarding of the republican competition winners by definition on the best national souvenir for tourists.


- Nazirmatov Abdurahmon, for making ancient Tajik style silver necklaces, decorated with crude semiprecious stones. This souvenir is very popular among women of all age and has useful properties for health. The price of souvenir is 350 somoni and author’s cell phone number is 907 70 79 14.

- Saidov Suhrob for producing ancient Tajik clay lamp. The author named his production as «Wonder-working lamp», which was awarded by quality certificate of UNESCO in Islamic Republic Iran in 2008. The product made from clay of Rudaki area and decorated with many-colored glasses. In a lamp is used the candle and it beautifully shines, decorates and supplements a house with cosiness. The price is 120 somoni, author’s cell phone number is 91 919 98 25 and e-mail is:

- Egamov Kodir, for making product with a national ornament and special method named by «Tajik kundal» (the medium size). Kundal is one of treasures of national handicrafts, which was created by our master Olimov Mirzorahmat. Today his followers like Egamov Ê. continue this professional work. Kundal is a souvenir, which every Tajik with a pride gives to his honour guests as well inside and abroad the country. The price is 140 somoni and author’s cell phone number is 918 66 75 29.


- Valiev Zarif, for making a skullcap and a scarf for belt in a style of «kulobian chakan». Products are the laborious handwork and made only in Kulob region. Senior persons and young men are use skullcap and a belt during weddings and on national holidays, such as Navrouz. The product is very popular among foreign tourists and represents a good memorable gift to members of a family, friends and relatives.
    The price for a skullcap is 40 somoni and a scarf for a belt is 100 somoni. Head of public corporation “Chakan” cell phone number is 918 88 55 38.

- Kurbonaliev Farhod, for producing of the set of crude semiprecious Badakhshan’s stones (an earring, a necklace and a bracelet). The product created by handicraftsmen of Lojvard gorges, Roshtkala area, Gorno-Badakhshon Region with the support of "Rupani” Foundation. Distinctive quality of the product and its attractiveness is useful to their computers and mobile phones as a protection. The price - for the complete set is 120 somoni. Seller’s cell phone number is 93 500 95 80, e-mail is and website is

- Nuronshoeva Niyozbegim for knitting Badakhshonian socks (jurab). Badakhshonian sock is handmade and it is made of different colors of sheep’s wool. This product protects feet from bitter frosts and as it is made of natural products is very useful for health. As a souvenir, this product is very popular among tourists of republic and is good memorable gift to members of a family, friends and relatives. The price is - 50 somoni and author’s cell phone number is 93 528 51 54.


- Karimova Salima for making skullcap and purse (the medium size) according to an ancient method of inhabitants of northern Tajikistan. The man's skullcap is decorated with a national ornament. A flexible skullcap of such form existed even before formation of Soviet Union, but unfortunately, these beautiful Tajik elements gradually have been almost lost. Now thanks to the masters of handicraftsmen the tradition of Tajik people again reviving. It is necessary to notice that these skullcaps are knitted from variety of fabrics with the name "canvas". These skullcaps are very popular among young generation and they are an attractive souvenir for tourists of the country.
    Tajik purse of the medium size is often used by women for the keeping gold adornment and other accessories. It is attractive by its beautiful embroidery, especial style and original design. The price - for a skullcap is 60 somoni and for a purse is 55 somoni. Author’s cell phone number is 907 60 61 60 and e-mail is

- Boboeva Naima, for making a cover for the laptop and purse with a thong for carrying on a shoulder.
    The cover for the laptop made from domestic production materials, stylishly and slightly decorated with the Tajik material "atlas". It is used for protection of the device from humidity and has great popularity among the tourists.
    The purse with a thong for carrying on a shoulder is made of domestic materials in national style, decorated with beautiful patterns and ornaments characteristic for the population of the north of country. Even after numerous washings, the product does not lose the quality. During travelling, it is used by tourists for carrying their passports, purses and other small accessories. Thanks to our handicrafts, these products revive and become a popular souvenir among tourists. The price for the cover of laptop is - 65 somoni and for a purse with a thong - 20 somoni. Author’s cell phone number is 92 746 38 92 and e-mail is

- Penkova Firuza, for making small photos from tourist objects. This product has high quality, made with a matte paper, plastic transparent card and magnetic tape for an attachment in iron house and office stock. This souvenir is rather popular among tourists because of the availability price. Design Studio «Logo-service», in Dushanbe city, makes this product. The prices are 10-12 somoni. Author’s cell phone number is 904 00 09 99 and website is

    The prize fund of 5 thousand somoni (1 place - 2500 somoni, 2 place - 1500 somoni and 3 place - 1000 somoni) is equally divided between winners of 1, 2 and 3 places.
    The above-mentioned national souvenirs will be actively advertised at republican and international levels for Tajikistan’s further promotion as the country with the ancient history, rich culture and unique nature.
    The memory of hospitality and friendly people of Tajikistan will stay for a long time to foreign tourist’s houses and offices in the form of souvenir products from sunny Tajikistan. And also will involve continual interest to Tajikistan through the originality and high quality of productions.
     It is necessary to notice that for the further support and motivation of Tajik handicrafts in producing of high quality national souvenirs for foreign tourists and visitors of the republic, the Committee within the State program on tourism development in the Republic of Tajikistan for the period of 2010-2014 in cooperation with the handicrafts Union of Tajikistan will annually announce competition “On the best tourist souvenir production of the country”.
     For active participation in the exhibition and hard work, the Leadership of the Committee expresses gratitude to all of 75 Tajik masters of handicrafts and for their revival and promotion of national heritage of Tajikistan inside and abroad the country.

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