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Health & safety

Tajikistan in many ways is a safe place, much more than so many European countries. However, many Embassies will highlight their view of assessment of security situation. A traveller needs to register with authorities that their tour operator would be able to assist. Bear that respective Embassy is bound to be cautious in its assessment of the situation on the ground.

Since 2000s, Tajikistan is a stable and secure country to travel, for groups and individual travelers.

The crime rate is almost doesn’t exist over the country but travellers should always take precaution that they would take in their own country.

Dont leave the cash unattended at hotel rooms. Lock away part of your cash supply and keep the rest in money belt.

Photo copy your passport with Tajik visa and carry with you as there are may be preventive document checks by the city police. Take your passport as well but keep it very safe with you.

Health system in Tajikistan is rapidly developing. Medical services are provided in all the regions of the country and even in remote areas. It is recommended that all travelers bring their own first aid kit especially if you are planning adventure activities in remote areas.

If you are a heart patient, check with your family doctor, before going to relatively high altitudes.

It is safe to drink bottled water and not from the tap. Carry bottled water for personal consumption.

People of Tajikistan are very friendly, hospitable, and polite towards any foreigner.

We wish you a pleasant and safe trip to sunny Tajikistan

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