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Soghd region is one of the administrative regions in the Republic of Tajikistan. It was established in October 27, 1939 as Leninabad region. On November 10, 2000 it was renamed as Soghd region. The region is located in the North of Tajikistan, in the mountain ranges of the Tien Shan and Gissar-Alai mountains, the Northern part is occupied by the Ferghana valley. The Soghd region is divided into 14 districts: Ayni, Asht, Bobojon-Gafurov, Ganji, Jabbar-Rasulov, Zafarabad, Isfara, Istravshan, Kanibadam, Kuhistoni-Mastchoh, Mastchoh, Penjikent, Spitamen and Shahristan. The administrative centre is Khujand. Cities in the Soghd region are Gafurov, Istaravshan, Isfara, Kairakum, Kanibadam, Penjikent, Taboshar, and Chkalovsk. The climate in Khujand is continental And the main rivers are Sirdarya and Zeravshan. The biggest and most popular lake is Iskanderkul. Other water reservoirs include Kairakum, Farhad, Kattasai and Daganasai.

Khatlon region is located in the Southern section of the Gissar-Alai Mountains. There are six cities in the Khatlon region – Kurgan Tube, Kulyab, Nurek, Dangara, Sarband and Pyanj and 21 districts: Baljuvan, Bokhtar, Vakhsh, Vose, Dangara, Jami, Jilikul, Kubadiyan, Kulyab, Kumsangir, Muminabad, Nurek, Pyanj, Rogun, Rumi, Sarband, Temurmalik, Farkhor, Mir Said Ali Hamadoni, Nosiri Khusrav, Khovaling, Khuroson, Shahritus, Shuroabad and Yavan.
The climate in Khatlon region is continental and the main rivers are the Pyanj and Vakhsh as well as Muminabad, Selburs and other water reservoirs.

Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO) was established in January 1925 by the decree of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR. GBAO borders with Kyrgyzstan in the North, with China in the East, and with Afghanistan in the South-West. The area of the region is 64,200 square kilometers (or 44,5 % of the territory of Tajikistan). There are 7 districts, and one municipal centre – Khorog. Administratively GBAO is divided into: Khorog town, and districts of Darvaz, Vanj, Rushan, Shugnan, Roshtkala, Ishkashim and Mughab.

Regions of republican subordination and Dushanbe — is a group consisting of 13 regions of republican subordination (RRP) in Central Tajikistan, stretching from the border with Uzbekistan in West to outskirts of the Pamirs (GBAO) in the East, along the Southern slopes of the Gissar range and further to the East along the border with Kyrgyzstan. The RRP consist of Varzob, Vakhdat (former Kofarnikhon), Gissar, Jirgatal, Nurobod (former Darband), Rasth (former Gharm), Rogun, Rudaki (former Leninskiy), Tavildara, Tojikobod, Tursunzade (former Regar), Faizabad and Dushanbe the capital of the Republic of Tajikistan, one of the biggest cities in the country as well as the political, cultural and economic centre. Dushanbe is located at an altitude of 800 m above sea level in the highly populated Gissar valley. Dushanbe has a distinctive continental climate with arid and humid cool winters.

The river Dushanbinka flows through the city (Dushanbe-Darya, Varzob), feeding the artificial Komsomol Lake in the center of the city. To the North of the city, there is Varzob gorge – it has numerous places for recreation. The Baljuvan district of the Khatlon region, Varzob district and Romit gorge are assigned as tourism and recreation zones.

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