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The Republic of Tajikistan has rich historical and cultural heritage and natural – recreational resources which are conductive for development of in-country tourism and to receiving foreign citizens. Taking into account the above mentioned factors the Government of Tajikistan declared the sphere of tourism as priority in the national economy policy. Within the frame of the State programme on tourism development in the Republic of Tajikistan for the period of 2010-2014 it has been foreseen to take measures on creating competitive tourism industry at the expense of increasing the number of international (entering Tajikistan) and in-country tourism.

By the assessment of the «World tourism organization», the competitive advantage of Tajikistan is embodied in the unique culture (cultural-educational tourism), rich natural potential (ecological tourism), business activity (business tourism) and opportunity to be engaged in active type of recreation such as sport and adventurous (extreme) tourism.

Effective realization of the above mentionedáProgramme will lead to increase in attractiveness of the national tourism product and will promoteáTajikistan intoáthe global marketáof tourist services. Also preconditions will be created for enhancing competitive tourism industry which can become one of the profitable state economic sectors.
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