People: Heart of Tajik hospitality

Tajikistan is legendary for its unparalleled hospitality!  Nowhere else in this world is the warmth of the locals more palpable.

Pamirs: Roof of the World

The spectacular mountainous terrain of the Pamirs allows you to touch the sky!  With majestic mountains that stand more than 5,000 metres tall and with most of the highest peaks of the former Soviet Union situated here,

Rudaki Avenue: From Lenin to Rudaki

Rudaki Avenue (formerly known as Lenin Avenue) in the heart of Dushanbe is surrounded by lush trees on both sides with the backdrop of picturesque snow-capped mountains.  

Fann mountains: Emerald & turquoise lakes

With ethereal landscapes that are right out of a fairy tale, the Fann mountains are a paradise for all trekkers, mountaineers, adventure-seekers and nature lovers!  Here, there are legions of lakes with sparkling emerald and turquoise waters.

Ancient Penjikent City: The Pompeii of Central Asia

The ancient Penjikent City, also known as the Pompeii of Central Asia, was once an important historical town on the Great Silk Road. At present, archaeological ruins from the Bronze Age between 4th to 3rd millennium BC can be seen in Sarazm, which is located in Penjikent in the Sughd region.
The Tajik National Park, which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one the largest mountainous terrain in the world.  There is an abundance of natural wonders in this park that covers more 2.5 million hectares of land, including the highest peaks of Central Asia,
Sharing a delicious pot of tea with friends and family is an intrinsic part of Tajik tradition. Tea is generally served with every meal and is a symbol of Tajik hospitality. Tea drinking is deeply entrenched in all social circles, including in grand tea houses (called choikhonas in Tajik).
The cross-border cooperation markets between Afghanistan and Tajikistan will be etched in your memory forever.

Outdoor bazaars: Feel the buzz!

The outdoor bazaars throughout Tajikistan are where you feel the hustle and bustle of life.  You will be buzzing with energy as you find fresh produce, stacks of breads in all shapes and sizes, and colourful spices piled up in pyramid shapes.
Imagine standing at the spot where Alexander the Great stood gazing across the turquoise lake, contemplating his future!  Local legend has it that Alexander the Great stumbled from the edge of a cliff with his warhorse into this lake.
Tajikistan offers an abundance of public parks and botanical gardens that are a feast for all the senses: the sweet fragrance of the plants, the gentle rustling of leaves, and the amazing array of colourful plants and lush trees

Opera & ballet theatre

Experience culture at its finest in the spectacular Aini Opera & Ballet Theatre in the centre of Dushanbe.  Since the early 1940s, this theatre has been showcasing Tajik and Soviet opera and ballet productions.

Home-stays & eco-tourism – Stay in a yurt

Tajikistan is the quintessential country for eco-tourism.  It has repeatedly ranked high as one of the major spots for green destinations around the globe.  There are many opportunities to support local and community-based tourism,

Gissar Fortress – Marked by history

You will feel history living and breathing around you when you visit the Gissar Fortress.  It has witnessed a violent history over the centuries, with the fortress being destroyed 21 times by famous historical figures and foreign invaders including Cyrus,

Hulbuk Settlement – Traces of urban life in medieval times

The ancient settlement of Hulbuk in the Khatlon region stands as a testament of urban life in the medieval period.  According to historians, Hulbuk was one of the four biggest cities in Central Asia between 9th and 11th centuries,

Largest national library in Central Asia

The Ferdowsi National Library (also known as the Hall of Science) in the heart of Dushanbe is a sight to behold!  

Trace dinosaur footprints

When you have had your fill of both ancient and modern history in Tajikistan, come and take a step into prehistoric times at the Shirkent National Park.  

Hot springs: Nature’s spa

For a divine experience, visit the hot springs that have been naturally formed by mineral deposits over thousands of years.

Tajik cuisine: Feast for your taste buds

Tajikistan’s best kept secrets are the variety of delicious local dishes that will keep you coming back for more.  Osh is the most popular Tajik dish cooked with rice, pieces of meat, shredded carrots and other vegetables.

Nourak Lake - Aqua Club

For fun-filled times in hot summer days, be sure to splash around at the Aqua Club resort at Nourak Lake just 65 km from Dushanbe.
For a thrilling and exhilarating experience for your children and your inner child, your visit to Tajikistan will not be complete until you have experienced Boghi Poytakh in Dushanbe. Spend a day in Boghi Poytakh with your family and friends.