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Travelling to Tajikistan

You can travel to Tajikistan by plane, train or by car. There are direct flights from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Almaty, Bishkek, Riga, Istanbul, Dubai, Urumchi, Tehran, Mashkhad, and Frankfurt. From these cities more than 10 national and international carriers service Tajikistan such as Turkish Airlines and Somon Air on a new fleet of Boeing aircraft. Also the national air companies ’Tajik Air’ and ‘Somon Air’ offer more than 10 flights a week to different regions of the country including Khujand, Kulob and Khorog.

In Tajikistan there are several local and international airports. The biggest terminals are in airports located in Dushanbe, Khujand and Kulob. You can get all the details about ticket costs of the above mentioned air companies on their websites ….

Connecting Europe:                




Somon Air

Connecting Russia:                      

Tajik Air


S7 Airlines


Rossiya Airlines




Connecting China:                      


Southern Airlines

Ticket offices and representatives of air companies are located in Dushanbe in Tajikistan at Chekhov Street, not far from the “Shoh Mansur” market (former “Zelyoniy Bazaar”).

Upon arrival at the International airport of Dushanbe, you can use the services of public transport or taxis. Taxi costs 50 Somoni (10 USD) from the airport to the center of Dushanbe.

Entry to and departure from Tajikistan can be made via any international admission points of state borders, open for entries in particular:

Nizhniy Pyanj, Kumsangir district, Khatlon region,

village Kokul, Parkhar district, Khatlon region

micro-district Tem of Khorog town

village Ruzvai, Darvaz district, GBAO

village Khumrogi, Vanj district, GBAO

village Ishkashim, Ishkashim district, GBAO

village Kyzyl Art, Murgab district, GBAO

village Dagana, Isfara district, Soghd region

check point at the central road of Penjikent – Samarkand

village Beshtepa, Tursunzade district

check point at the railroad station of Kanibadam, Kanibadam district, Soghd region

check point at the railroad station of Nau, Nau district, Sughd region

check point at the railroad station Pakhtaabad, Tursunzade district

check point at the railroad station of Khoshad, Shaartuz district, Khatlon region

airports (in Dushanbe, Khojent, Kulyab and Kurgonteppa).

The following border crossing points are currently NOT open to tourist:

village Langar, Ishkashim district, GBAO

area Kyzyl Rabot (Gunjbai), Murgab district, GBAO

village Kulma, Murgab district, GBAO

By land

By air


Hotels in Dushanbe


Hotel «Hyatt Regency»

Avenue Ismoili Somoni 26/1


The hotel is located in the centre of the city near the City Park and Lake Komsomol. Its location combines a contemporary atmosphere immersed into the colours of the Tajik culture. The 221 rooms have all modern comforts: high speed internet, multi-channel telephone with voice mail and tea and coffee. On offer also an outdoor swimming pool, modern gym , spa and the Focaccia Grill restaurant.


Hotel "Taj Palace Hotel"

21/B Tursunzade Street


The "Taj Palace Hotel" is located in the business center of Dushanbe few minutes walk from the main shops and markets of the city. The hotel provides service and comfort that meet high standards and expectations of travelers and businessmen from all over the world. There are 29 standard rooms, 4 suits and 5 de luxe rooms. All the rooms are equipped with the latest air-conditioning system, telephones with direct dialing, and interactive satellite television.


Within the "Taj Palace Hotel" there is restaurant “Jamol”, café “Versailles”, and there is a bar in the restaurant and the café on the terrace with a view of the avenue. Sauna services include a Turkish sauna "Water steam», Finnish sauna "Dry heat», Greek sauna “Sandy steam", pool with warm water and with cold water, shower cabin, massaging device (armchair) billiard room, and a recreation room.


"Asia Grand Hotel"

21 M.Tursunzade, Block А.


The hotel is located in the centre of the city. Each of the rooms in the hotel, from standard rooms and suits to apartments – is the embodiment of elegance and comfort which can be enjoyed by the most demanding visitors. All rooms are equipped with comfortable furniture; there is Internet, TV, telephone with direct international line, conditioner, and mini-bar. Bathrooms are fully equipped with hairdryers, gown and slippers, bathing accessories, and small amenities.


Services include: health and fitness centre, conference hall, restaurant; SPA salon, café - "Asia"; billiard room, bowling and the signature restaurant "Asia".


Hotel "Tajikistan"

22 Shotemur Street


Hotel "Tajikistan" is situated opposite the City Park – the favorite place of locals for a leisurly stroll. 140 comfortable rooms – suits, de luxe and apartments are available for visitors.


All necessary facilities exist for organizing and servicing of local and foreign participants of a wide range of events from business meetings, conferences, seminars, presentations, banquets and stand up meal.


Hotel "Mercury"

9 Leo Tolstoy Street


Staying at the hotel “Mercury” will turn out to be one of the most pleasant moments of your travels. It takes 15 minutes to drive from the airport to the hotel. Comfortable rooms of international standards including single-rooms, suit, de luxe and apartments are equipped with individual air-conditioning. The hotel also has large rooms with balconies, high ceilings and a modern design, window frames with noise absorbing effect, TV with satellite channels, well equipped showers and bathrooms. Quietness, cosy comfortable furniture, spacious common areas are all conducive for relaxation.


Hotel "Kayon 1-2"

"Kayon-1" -7 Bokhtar Street, "Kayon-2" – 1 Rajabov Street


Hotel “Kayon-1” is situated in the centre of Dushanbe, 15 km away from the airport. It offers 10 rooms and there is a restaurant, bar, sauna, and a conference hall for 80 people.


Hotel “Kayon-2” is also in the centre of the city and is only a few kilometers away from the airport. It offers 16 rooms: Deluxe including bedroom, dining room, hallway, bathroom and toilet; Suite including bedroom, bathroom and toilet. There is also a restaurant, a bar, sauna, fitness club and a conference hall for 25 people in the hotel.


Hotel "Sino"

75-26, Shevchenko Street


Hotel "Sino" is located in a quiet part of Dushanbe. It has 12 cosy well equipped rooms (10 double – one with king size bed, and two with twin beds). Each room has a hallway, a bedroom, a bathroom with shower and toilet. Bathrooms have hairdryers, bath robes, slippers and amenities sets. All rooms are furnished with bedside tables and working desks. Also there are fridges, satellite TV and general and individual air-conditioning. There is also a café-bar for 20 people, sauna, billiard hall and laundry services in the hotel, and domestic and international telephone communication is available. The hotel organizes conferences, receptions, seminars and banquets and provides its conference hall for 50 people on rental basis.


Business centre "Vefa Centre"

37/1, Bokhtar Street


The business centre is a 12 storied building of 16,500 square meters. The 1st floor boasts shops, the 3rd floor offers a restaurant, the hotel apartments are located on the 9th , 10th and 11th floors .


There are 36 rooms, with bedrooms, separate dining room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, spa and shower. The size of the apartments varies between 70 m² and 80 m².


Apartment configurations: Single, De luxe, suite (3 rooms), w-single. Each hotel room has 24 hour internet, satellite TV, hot water, central air-conditioning and heating.


Hotel “Dushanbe” (Poytakht)

7 Rudaki Avenue


The hotel is located 2 km to the south of the centre of Dushanbe. Dushanbe airport is 3 km away from the hotel and it takes 3-5 minutes (650m) to walk to the railway station. Minibuses, buses and trolleybuses go to any part of the city from the hotel. After the recent reconstruction it is considered as a four star hotel. Apart from the comfortable rooms, there are services such as a bar, barber’s shop and workshop for repairing shoes and clothes.


Hotels in Khujand


Hotel "Soghd"

179-А, Lenin Street


This four-storied hotel offers 24 rooms for accommodation, which are equipped in a Euro-Asian style. There are standard single and double rooms, improved single luxe and de luxe rooms.


Hotel "Tavhid"

117 Firdowsi Street


Hotel «Tavhid» is in the city Khujand, 35min away from the airport and can accommodate up to 20 visitors. There is a restaurant, café, and satellite TV in the hotel. Rooms are standard single and double, improved single suite and de luxe.


Hotel in GBAO

“Khorog Serena Inn”


«Khorog Serena Inn» has two double rooms and four single rooms with bathrooms and satellite telephone. There is a cosy restaurant where you can have delicious dishes.




If you are interested in renting a vehicle with a driver for several hours or days or require large comfortable tourist buses for group travel then visit the website of the «Group of Canon companies» which will provide you with detailed information


LIST OF Tour Operators


LLC «Ajam tour»


Asadbek Shikorbekov

734043, Republic of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, Ave. S.Sherozi 64,

tel.: (+992) 48 700 69 07, (93) 534 35 53


Guides Association


736000, Republic of Tajikistan, GBAO, Khorog, 10 E.Davronov Str.

Mobile.:( +992) 442 55 55



Drivers Association


736000, Republic of Tajikistan, GBAO, Khorog, 31 Ayni Str.

Phone.: +992 (3522) 3237

Mobile.: +992 (91) 926-19-31


Chairman of the association

Yusuf Bakhtaliev




Mountain Adventure Travel Tajikistan (MATT)

736000, Republic of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, 46 Shevchenko Str. Flat 58

Phone.: +992 (37) 221-18-12

Phone/Fax.:+992 (37) 227-23-84

E-mail: , ,



Pamir Gates


Pamir Gates

736000, Republic of Tajikistan, GBAO,

Mob.: +992 (93)5060267



Pamir Silk Tour


Pamir Silk Tour

736000, Republic of Tajikistan, GBAO, Khorog, 1 Azizbek Str.

Tel.: +992 (3522) 2-22-99, 2-22-77

Mob.: +992 (93) 505-23-61



Shagarf Sherzod Mullo-Abdol




736000, Republic of Tajikistan, GBAO, Khorog

Mob.: +992 (93) 500-41-50



Tour De Pamir


736000, Republic of Tajikistan, GBAO, Khorog, 77 Lenin Str.

Tel.: +992 (3522) 66-61

Mobile.: +992 (93) 500 75 57



Faizullobekov Ergash




Tajikistan, Penjikent, 24 Bakoi Str., 735500

Tel.: (+992) 92 759 91 23, (+992) 3475 5 45 43

Fax: (+992) 3475 5 45 43


Nizomov Nasriddin


Pamirs Tourism Adventure, Ltd.


736 000, Tajikistan, Khorog

Tel.: +992 93 500 99 47, +992 91 948 99 47



Durakhshi Sughd


Tajikistan, Dushanbe, M. Sheralizoda Str. (former Fedina) 14/18, Soghd region, Penjikent, 735500

Tel.: (+ 992) 23475) 5 45 09, (+ 992) 93 409 46 45

Fax: (+992 23475) 5 45 09


URL Kudjov Kholmamad


LLC «Orient Adventure»


Hamrokulov Olimkul

Tajikistan, Soghd Region, Penjikent, 38 Boborajabov Str., 735500

Tel.: (8 992) 92 721 37 70, (8 992) (8 9923475) 5 58 17



LLC «Pamir Travel»


Khasanov Sadullo

735500, Penjikent, Tajikistan

Tel.: (8 992 37) 224 09 06, (8 992) 771 86 46