Amusement park: For thrills and shrills

For a thrilling and exhilarating experience for your children and your inner child, your visit to Tajikistan will not be complete until you have experienced Boghi Poytakh in Dushanbe. Spend a day in Boghi Poytakh with your family and friends. And dare them to take a ride on the roller coaster for an adrenaline rush! Or visit the haunted house for a nail-bitingly frightening experience!

There is another older amusement park in Dushanbe, Komsomolskoe Ozero (Komsomol Lake), which is a remnant of Soviet times, located right beside Choikhona Kokhi Navroz (the largest teahouse in Central Asia). The ferris wheel at this park will give you a spectacular view of the teahouse and the mountainous landscapes in the background.

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